Remnants: Ghosts of the Past

Simple Work

Chobot and Josh start out hunting for a monstrosity that has been hitting caravans around the city-state of Cradle Lake. It seemed like a simple enough job. However, as they moved through a bolder field they were ambushed by the heavily armored clawshell. It was a hard fight with them barely able to hurt it. They were more mobile though and after tripping it, Chobot found its week spot. The monstrosity was slain and they returned to Crater Lake for their pay.

After a few days of recovery, the partners found a caravan heading towards the city-state of Amantin. The caravan was small, but offered decent pay. Throughout most of the trip it was routine guard work. Several caravaners encouraged their daughters to keep the men company. Ten days into the trip raiders from one of the hill clans attacked. Warriors ran forward to attack while their own Ishin held back to make strikes against the guards. Eventually, Chobot and Josh made it up to where the other Ishin were. It was a hard battle with Josh nearly being wrecked, but they prevailed over the raiders. The warriors fled when their Ishin were destroyed, completely as Josh and Chobot felt no need to leave the Ishinari alive or their Ishin salvageable. Eight days later they were attacked again. This time by a flying monstrosity. The shardlauncher floated above the ground shooting crystalline pieces of its body at them. It came in to close though and Derrick was able to leap ontop of the shardlauncher, weighing it down. Josh delivered a powerful blow to kill the monstrosity.

After over a month of travel the caravan reached Amantin. Josh and Chobot took their reward then decided to spend a little time enjoying the good life in the city as they planned their next move. One day as they were walking down the street they were surprised to be confronted by an angry man shouting at Chobot. It was Hector, who has been a slave with Derrick. He was furious because one day Derrick was stealing extra food but let Hector’s sister take the blame and she was beaten. Words would not placate him and he attacked with a knife. He was no match for two ishinari though and was left tied up to a tree.


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